2020 Town Meeting Day Information

Click here to view our unofficial 2020 Town Meeting Day results. 

The City of Winooski is hosting Town Meeting Day budget presentations leading up to March 3rd. Feel free to join us at one or all of these events (listed below). Presentations will be led by the City Manager, Mayor, and members of City Council - bring your questions and comments!

Feb. 19: Joint City and School Community Dinner & Presentation 

Feb. 20: Budget and Town Meeting Day Presentation 

Mar. 2: Town Meeting Day Meeting and Presentation 

Mar. 3: Town Meeting Day 

Questions regarding voting in Winooski can be sent to Carol Barrett, City Clerk: 

cbarrett@winooskivt.gov / 802 655 6410

Questions regarding proposed budget, presentations, and Town Meeting Day can be sent to: 

Jessie Baker, City Manager - jbaker@winooskivt.gov / Mayor Kristine Lott - klott@winooskivt.gov