Charter Commission

Commission Overview

This Commission is a task-oriented Commission stood up from time-to-time to advise the City Council on potential changes to the Municipal Charter, the foundational governance document of the City of Winooski. Re-established in 2019, this Commission is charged with examining options to present Winooski voters with a charter change that would enable non-citizen residents to vote in Winooski municipal elections, protect Winooski voter information, align the School and City’s charters, and consider additional governance changes identified by the Council, staff, and public.  As part of this process, the Commission is charged with conducting public outreach to the community through public information sessions, forums, and direct outreach. 



City Council appoints five Winooski residents and two alternates to serve 1 to 2-year terms.

  • Liz Edsell, Chair
  • Gerry Myers, Vice Chair
  • Eric Covey, Secretary
  • Hussein Amuri
  • Doug Johnson
  • Sam Myers
  • Prashant Singh

City Council Liaisons

Winooski School Board Liaisons

Tori Cleiland 

Alexander Yin