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Winooski City Hall
27 West Allen Street 
Winooski, VT 05404
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M - F, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

An after-hours drop box is also available in the lobby of the Winooski Police Department, downstairs from Winooski City Hall. 

Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses must be obtained through the City City Clerk’s Office at Winooski City Hall on 27 West Allen Street. The cost of the license is $50 and $10 for a certified copy - payments can be made via cash or check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Licenses

All dogs owned in the City of Winooski must be registered with the City Clerk before April 1st of each year pursuant to Title 20 Vermont Statutes Annotated, §3581. In order to register your dog, you must have a copy of the current Rabies Certificate. To get started, please call us at 802 655 6410 or email

  • How much does a dog license cost?
    • Before April 1:
      • Neutered/Spayed Dog - $14 
      • Un-Neutered/Spayed - $18
    • After April 1:
      • Neutered/Spayed Dog - $16
      • Un-Neutered/Spayed - $22
  • Do I have to license my dog every year?
    • Yes. Licensing provides the City with a method of ensuring that dogs are properly vaccinated against rabies. Additionally, dog owners receive great value from a license in that authorities make every effort to return lost dogs to their owners when the dog is wearing a current tag. Other dogs that are not licensed are transported to an animal shelter where impounding and boarding fees are charged.
  • Does the City have leash laws?
    • Yes. Please see Section 3.12 of our Municipal Code -  "Leashes and collars required; dogs running at large". 
  • What can I do about an animal-related problem?
    • If you have an animal-related problem, please contact the non-emergency line at the Winooski Police Department (802 655 0221) to get in touch with our Animal Control Officer. 

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Hunting and fishing licenses are available from the State of Vermont Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.