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All-Resident Voting

For details, please visit https://www.winooskivt.gov/1513/All-Resident-Voting.

Equity Audit


In May of 2021, the City of Winooski published a request for proposals (RFP) to find a consulting firm that could provide guidance on making Winooski's local government processes equitable. The RFP outlined the following:

"The equity audit should provide focus on community engagement, city policy, procedures and practices to ensure that information, services, programs, commissions and events are available, inclusive and accessible to all Winooski residents. The City recently was awarded a Municipal Planning Grant from the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development to fund the effort. The audit should include an examination into the city’s HR policies as they relate to recruitment, retention & support for city employees, particularly employees from marginalized communities. The audit should include information on public health as it relates to accessibility within municipal systems and policies that impact public health outcomes; in conjunction with the state of Vermont declaration of racism as a public health emergency."

The City of Winooski awarded the contract to Opportunity Consulting. "Opportunity Consulting (formerly IBG Consulting Group) offers a new approach: a research-based, community-driven process to working with school systems, cities, agencies, and public-serving organizations to support them in improving equity and driving real change on a range of challenges. We build our knowledge of best practices by maintaining a posture of lifelong learning, staying connected to research and on-the-ground work in the field, and working collaboratively with partners and stakeholders."

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