File a Public Records Request


The Vermont Public Records Act, 1 V.S.A. §§ 315-320, provides access to a city’s public records for inspection and copying unless the records are exempt by law from public access. The City is authorized under section 316(j) of the Public Records Act to adopt and enforce reasonable rules to prevent disruption of operations in responding to records requests, to preserve the security of public records, and to protect public records from damage. This Policy is adopted pursuant to section 316(j) and is intended to provide for timely action on requests for public records without unreasonable interruption of operations and to protect the integrity of the City’s public records.

Records Available

This Policy applies to records that may be considered public and not covered by exemptions as outlined in 1 V.S.A. § 317(c) or other statutory provisions. This policy also incorporates public records policies or orders that may be developed by individual departments that provide additional detail regarding the records in their control such as the Police Department.

This Policy does not apply to requests for public records that reside in the City of Winooski’s Municipal Records Vault and are indexed in the City’s card catalog of records. These records are open and available for inspection by any member of the public during normal business hours of the City.  Any member of the public may review, inspect, and make copies of these documents at their time and expense. Examples of these records include but are not limited to:

  • common land records
  • property surveys
  • building, zoning, or public works permit information
  • mortgage deeds or similar property records
  • property assessment files