Local Resources Advisory Board


The Local Resources Advisory Board provides guidance to the Zoning Administrator or Development Review Board on matters related to historic, cultural architectural, or archeological resources as identified in the City’s Local Register of Historic, Cultural, Architectural, and Archeological Resources as included in the City’s Unified Land Use and Development Regulations. This Board also prepares reports and assists the City Council, Planning Commission, or other entities on matters related to historic, cultural, architectural, and archeological resources.  




  • This board is currently seeking members - click here to apply.
  • Membership shall be comprised of five voting members and two alternate members each appointed by the City Council. 
  • Members shall serve for two-year staggered terms.
  • The Board’s work focuses on the protection and preservation of the City’s historic, cultural, architectural, and archeological resources. To that end, Board members, to the extent possible, shall have among their members professionals in the fields of historic preservation, history, architecture, archaeology, and related disciplines.
  • Members of this Board may be from outside the City if they provide specific expertise that cannot otherwise be met by City residents. Additionally, the City of Winooski seeks to appoint board members that are representative of the community as a whole.  
  • A commitment to principles of equity and inclusion are paramount.


Schedule TBD