Safe, Healthy, Connected People Commission


The Safe, Healthy, Connected People Commission serves to advise City Council on implementing the Safe, Healthy, Connected People section of the City's Strategic Vision area, where Winooski will: "foster relationships across generations and cultures by providing a safe and healthy environment and providing opportunities to connect and engage with other residents of the City". 





City Council appoints five Winooski residents and two alternates to serve 1 to 2-year terms. 

  • Councilor Aurora Hurd - City Council Liaison
  • Staff Liaisons
    • Ray Coffey, Community Services Director
    • Rick Hebert, Chief of Police
    • John Audy, Fire Chief
  • Mary Hussmann, Chair - Term Expires 6.30.23
  • Courtney Blasius - Term Expires 6.30.22
  • Yam Basnet - Term Expires 6.30.23
  • Amanda Goldstein - Term Expires 6.30.24 
  • Hannah Kretvix - Term Expires 6.30.24
  • Katherine Lowe (Alternate) - Term Expires 6.30.23
  • Meredith Bushey (Alternate) - Term Expires 6.30.24