Planning Commission

Commission Overview

The Planning Commission is responsible for setting out land use and development policies for the City, as adopted by the City Council. Vermont statute lays out broad policies; these are tailored locally in each community. The Municipal Development Plan is the land use policy document for the City and is implemented through the Unified Land Use Regulations Both Plan and Ordinance are work-products of the Commission.




City Council appoints five Winooski residents and two alternates to serve 1 to 2-year terms.

  • Mike O’Brien, Chair
  • Abby Bleything, Vice Chair
  • Amy Houghton
  • Joe Perron
  • Sarah Van Ryckevorsel
  • Tommie Murray
  • Brendan Sage

City Council Liaison

Mayor Kristine Lott

Staff Liaison 

Eric Vorwald, Planning and Zoning Manager