Planning Commission


The Planning Commission is responsible for setting out land use and development policies for the City, as adopted by the City Council. Vermont statute lays out broad policies; these are tailored locally in each community. The Municipal Development Plan is the land use policy document for the City and is implemented through the Unified Land Use Regulations - both of which are work products of the Planning Commission.





City Council appoints five Winooski residents and two alternates to serve 1 to 2-year terms.

  • City Council Liaison - Mayor Kristine Lott
  • Eric Vorwald, AICP, Planning and Zoning Manager, Staff Liaison
  • Mike O’Brien, Chair - Term Expires 6.30.23
  • Abby Bleything, Vice Chair - Term Expires 6.30.24
  • Tommie Murray - Term Expires 6.30.24
  • Joseph Perron - Term Expires 6.30.23
  • Sarah van Ryckevorsel - Term Expires 6.30.24  
  • Connor Daley (Alternate) - Term Expires 6.30.24
  • Brendan Sage (Alternate) - Term Expires 6.30.24