The City of Winooski offered a generous benefits package. Employees in positions that are classified as full-time, regular (30 hours per week and above) have access to the following benefits: 

Employees in positions classified as part-time regular working more than 20 hours per week have access to sick, CTO, and holiday pay.

All employees working 18 hours per week or more have access to sick time as outlined by Vermont Law and the City of Winooski policy. 

Opt out: The City recognizes that some employees have access to health insurance through a source other than their employer.  In this case, eligible employees may stay on that plan and opt-out of the City's coverage. This applies to health insurance only. All employees eligible employees are enrolled in the dental, vision and life insurance regardless of their enrollment in the health insurance. Eligible employees who opt-out of the City's plan must complete a statement copies of proof of other insurance.