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Excess Weight Permit (Fleet)

  1. Please note:
    All information must be completed before permit is issued. Permit is not valid unless accompanied by an approved VT Excess Weight and Dimension Permit Application, TA-VP-101. Approval is hereby given for the granting of a permit by the Department of Motor Vehicle under the provision of 23 VSA Section 1400a and any amendments thereto, covering the operation of Motor Vehicles with gross loads as follows:
  2. We may need to reach out for additional vehicle information. Who should we contact?
  3. Include the year, VIN#, product carried, plate#, and max weight approved for each vehicle.
  4. Please upload a .pdf of your vehicle insurance certificate.
  5. Please note:

    This approval covers only the vehicle listed above and may be withdrawn at any time in accordance with 23 VSA Section 1400 and any amendments thereto. The following restrictions apply: Approval to remain in force until March 31, 2023. Operation restricted on all City streets except designated truck routes, between 7 PM and 6 AM. No tractor trailers on Elm Street from Malletts Bay Avenue to West Street. Maximum gross weight 84,000 lbs. The holder of a permit shall be liable for any damage to highways or bridges per VSA Title 23, Sec. 1400a (c) and is required to furnish the municipality a valid Certificate of Insurance with a minimum of $100,000/ $300,000 Personal Injury Liability Coverage and $100,000 Property Damage Coverage.

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