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Winooski Program or Event Promo Form

  1. Community Services Event or Program
    Please fill out at least 8 weeks before your event or program begins (2 weeks for production and approval, and 6 weeks for public promotion).
  2. Is this a program or an event?*
  3. Which City facility will you need to host the event or program?*
  4. Target Audience*
    Who is your event or program meant for?
  5. Civic Rec Catalog Placement *
    Where will your program/event appear on the catalog? Check all that apply.
  6. How much will your program or event cost? Describe in detail: cost per user, free, donation suggested, etc. How will the costs be divided? Describe in detail: instructor %, community services %, or any applicable breakdown.
  7. Add a non-resident fee?*
  8. Offer a scholarship or Discount?*
  9. Frequency of Program or Event*
  10. What Day(s)?*
  11. Waivers Required (Included in CivicRec)
  12. Will you need volunteers?*
  13. Will you need 8.5 x 11 size flyers?*
  14. Will you need 11 x 17 size posters?*
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